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ラストクラウディア Mod APK v3.13.0 ( Unlimited money/Mod Menu/God Mode/High Damage )
Version: 3.13.0
Size: 92.55 MB
Categary: role_playing
Developer: Aidis
Requires Android: Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
Updated: 2023-03-17 06:58:47
Download Mod Apk ( 92.55 MB )
Mod info
Mod Menu
>God Mode
>Absolute Evade %
>Unlimited SKill Usage
>Damage Multiplier (Consider it an extra
may not work)
>Increased Compatibility. Mod works on environments in which original Apk doesn't.
About ラストクラウディア :
The bond between human and magical beast changes the world──
Real time battle RPG with pixel characters

■ Game Overview
"Last Clawdia" is unique character
Is an RPG game through a story with cinematic effects.
In exciting real-time battles,
Dot characters are running around 3D space,
Engage in fast-paced and furious combat.

■ Game Features
· CINEMATIC productions and background music to enhance the epic story
Unique characters are waiting for you
Only with dot charactersx3D backgrounds
Immerse yourself in a story with cinematic stunning and epic background music!

-Battle that combines exhilarating and tense feeling
The tension that only real-time battles bring
Only the dot characters make you feel the speed
Prepare for real, exhilarating battles!

• Nurture system full of replay ability
You not only collect many strong characters,
Adopt a training system!
You can also develop your own experience,
More characters to be attached to!

-Voices of characters are waiting for you
The characters available in battle are
During the battle,
Listen to powerful voices on the Home screen and more!

■ Prolog
World Granzelia where people and beasts live.

This land used to be
Were ruled by the God of Logsius.
By Heroes Adel and Goddess Lilaha
Complete the seal of the Ruin.

Since then,
Thanks to the Ordana Empire, which was founded by the heroes' descendants
The Grand Jeria is integrated
People enjoyed the era of peace.

But meanwhile,
Damage by a mysterious beast begins to be reported.
The Knight Kyle who belong to the 12th Knights Templar,
Let's go to certain missions with Ray Beasts.
It shakes the world
Little did I know that this was a big battle──

■ Recommended for:
・Want to play a real-time battle of pixel characters
・Like pixel characters and is interested in dot games and dot RPGs
・Want to play a real-time RPG or dot game with multiplayer
・Like dot games and RPG games
・Want to play an RPG in which the dot characters move in real time
・Are interested in a dot RPG where you can train your favorite character
・I often played RPGs on family game consoles, so I want to play RPGs with this app
・Want to play dot RPG with a classic feel
・Like funny RPGs with storylines
・Are interested in RPGs that have a high degree of freedom of character development
・Like RPG games with storylines, and especially RPGs where pixel characters move around
・Plays dot games and retro games well
・Want to battle retro games with pixel characters
・Want to enjoy a story and play retro games with pixel characters
・Like retro games and want to enjoy dot games with pixel characters
・Like RPG stories and views, especially dot games with pixel characters
・Are interested in RPGs that can inject emotion into pixel characters

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Basic Free (item purchase required)

[Required Environment]
· Android 5.0 or above
· RAM 2GB or higher
*Some models will not work even if the environment is met

© 2018-2023 AIDIS Inc.
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