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Relaxation One - Break Breathe and Relax Mod APK v1.01.01.12 ( Unlimited money )
Updated: 2017-07-18
Categary: Health Fitness
Developer: Relaxation One
Requires Android: Android 2.3 and up
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About Relaxation One - Break Breathe and Relax :
Relaxation One is an advanced Smartphone Mindfulness App with schedulers and alarms that remind the User to take a break, breathe and relax. The main modalities for relaxation are Breathing Techniques, various sounds like deep Tibetan bells, relaxation music including slow piano, Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones and pleasant environmental sounds, like bird song and tropical rain. We are also using advanced brain wave entrainment recordings which help people relax or fall asleep.
The four timers insure being able to schedule in some relaxation during your day. The Meditation timer is fast and simple with custom timer ability. The Breathing Break timer is also quick and easy so that you don't lose track of time on your coffee break. The monthly timer is excellent as it lets you schedule your break for the whole month. This ensures you remember to take some time to breathe, or take a break to meditate.
If you prefer some inspiration, there are many relaxation soundtracks, Proverbs and many photographs; some with words of inspiration and some just pure photography. The inspiration option can be simulcast onto a larger screen where you can enjoy the proverbs and the photos on a larger screen with more friends and family. You also get better sound quality for the Soundtracks and Nature Sounds.
All the modalities are aimed at helping you relax. The Breathing Techniques and the Meditation are for the times when you want a deeper and more meaningful break. The Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, the Soundtracks, the Proverbs and photos are for those times when you just want a little escape from a hectic day or you need a little help falling asleep. Sleep can be hard for some people. Falling asleep is so much easier while listening to our sound library of Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and brain entrainment recordings.
We have some great affiliate programs that can take you to the next level in any of the modalities presented in Relaxation One.
Brain entrainment is a very advanced recording system aimed at calming the brain and giving you a head start into relaxation and falling asleep. Sleep is a big issue for many people these days and our Binaural Beats and Brain Entrainment recordings are a great solution to sleep problem.
Relaxation One has visual aids for tuning into the moment and a great selection of Sounds and soundtracks. Good Vibrations is the title of the various natural sounds that we provide for relaxation. All music tracks are specially designed to relax you and help you fall asleep.
The Breathing Break section is loaded with breathing techniques that can help you understand what meditation really is. Breathing is the ultimate mantra and an excellent way to find a point of focus that can lead to a blissful state. Meditation is for quieting the mind, this is a Mindfulness App of the highest quality. The best introduction to meditation is through using your breath as the mantra. Breathing is the most natural and effective mantra for achieving deeper states of meditation.
Give Relaxation One a try! The beautiful alarm sounds are natural, mostly bells and mostly Tibetan Bells. We have recorded most of the bells in the Elemental Publishing Studio.
Relaxation One is an excellent Mindfulness App with a lot of features, along with great Website support! Remember to take a break breathe and relax. Break Breathe and Be.
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Relaxation One - Break Breathe and Relax Mod Apk

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