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American Typing the Value for Money Mod APK v1.0 ( Unlimited money )
Updated: 2017-11-16
Version: 1.0
Categary: Education
Developer: Bloomingkids Software
Requires Android: Android 2.3 and up
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Mod info
About American Typing the Value for Money :
Here, the student has to click or type the value (from the box in the bottom of the screen) of the coin or bill shown in the picture at the top of the screen. The value will then appear under the picture of the coin or bill.



When this is selected, the program can be used to train the student.

Select this option to measure the student's progress. The “Report” button under “Test” mode is enabled.

This displays results of the “Test”. The report Holds Only 20 Records.

Grade On/Off: If it is on, app will monitor correct and wrong responses by the student

Correct Answer: When a student response to a question with correct answer

Wrong Answer: When a student response to a question with wrong answer

Number of Total Attempt: Number of times a student tried to answer questions in the app.

Bar Chart: Represents the student's performance graphically.

Detail Report: Test results including the grade. Object identified distracter and time taken to finish the test.

Print: This will print the grade or data on the screen.

Clear Data: This button erase all the data that was stored and free up the memory that data was occupying.

Prompt (Blink)

This is checked by default. If the student fails to type or click the correct value within ten seconds, the program guides him/her to the correct value by making the coin or bill blink. This is available for “Training" mode but disabled for “Test" mode.
Uncheck this box if the prompt is not needed in “Training" mode.

Congratulatory Animation
This box is checked by default. This is available only for the “Training" mode. When this is checked, clicking or typing the correct value invites a congratulatory animation. This animation runs for ten seconds. Click anywhere on the screen or press space bar to stop the congratulatory animation.
Uncheck the box if the student doesn't need congratulatory animation.

Click on the check box to select or deselect the coins or bills.
Select All
Check this box to select all coins and bills. Uncheck to deselect.
Click this button to open this program after choosing settings.

Click this button to close the program and return to the main page.
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage:
  • Allows the app to write to the USB storage.
  • Read the contents of your USB storage:
  • Allows the app to read the contents of your USB storage.
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American Typing the Value for Money Mod Apk 1.0

Mod Info:This is a mod version 100% working.

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