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Jurassic Of Ice Age Mod APK v1.0 ( Unlimited money )
Updated: 2018-05-31
Version: 1.0
Categary: Educational
Developer: G2play
Requires Android: Android 2.3 and up
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About Jurassic Of Ice Age :
How about a mysterious and fun adventure. In this new adventure, we will extract the pristine bodies of the dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago, through the glaciers. Since these bodies have been trapped beneath the ice layers since the ice age, we will extract the frozen dinosaur bodies in fragments due to the pressure and fractures that occur.

Now that we know the dinosaurs in the game, there are 17 episodes in which there are 10 kinds of dinosaurs in our game.

1. Hybrid Triceratops
2. Ankilosaurus
3. Triceratops
4. Hybrid T-Rex Gen-2
5. Baryonx
6. Apatosaurus
8. Parasaurolophus
9.Velocirapt is
10. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Now let's examine our assignments.

We have a mysterious map showing the areas where the dinosaurs are. We will find parts of different dinosaurs from the excavation sites on the map. We will collect these pieces and move them to the laboratory later. After you separate the pieces from the ice with the aid of a hammer in this laboratory, you will carefully combine the frozen pieces in the second part of the lab. However, after completing the section, you can see the temperature as it should be to be dinosaur by raising the temperature to + 15 ° C. The heat of the environment is +15 degrees and you can go through the next division when the dinosaur ice is dissolved.

Our game consists of 17 fun parts. Have fun!
What's New
New games. Bug Fixed.
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Jurassic Of Ice Age Mod Apk 1.0

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