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Dieta dissociata - Combinatore di alimenti Mod APK v1.0 ( Unlimited money )
Updated: 2017-07-28
Version: 1.0
Categary: Health Fitness
Developer: Alimentacin
Requires Android: Android 2.3 and up
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About Dieta dissociata - Combinatore di alimenti :
Choose what you eat! easily you lose, and you will keep your weight without going hungry.

Do not give up eating what you like, learn to combine!

Based in Diff Diet.

The combination of foods is the simplest form and healthy to lose weight, prevent diseases and adjust our foods with the intention of getting the balance between "Eat what you have" and "Eat what you love"

You will learn which combinations of foods promote our digestive system to function properly in their absorption functions of nutrients, removal of toxins and thus avoid upset stomach, indigestion and weight gain, which can reach us great physical disorders (diabetes, hypertension, 'obesity ...) and emotional (depression, low self-esteem ...)

The dissociated diet is based on the theory of equilibrium between acids and basic foods foods in our stomach.
This method classifies all foods in 15 groups, of which some groups are completely incompatible between them, other groups that are beneficial to our diet and other neutral.

The healthy food combinations are endless!

The combination of foods is not a diet to follow for a period of life and in a timely now that we want to lose weight quickly, but it's a way of life for you and the whole family, where we try Health and rehabilitation in healthy habits power no matter no group of foods, such as fruits, cereals, potatoes, dairy ... but, learning to combine them with compatible groups to achieve our goal which is the Health and Wellness.

What is combiner foods?

So that should not fight with boring tables for food, where the most complicated thing compatibility of them is knowing that the group belongs to the food that we combine, we created the APP combiner foods, where the soil will have to write the foods you want to combine in a same food and the result will come out in colors mirrored in the mode of traffic lights Red, Orange and Green.

* Green: Perfect combination, you can mix without problems and you will lose weight.

* Orange: neutral combination, you can mix without problems and you will keep the weight.

 * Red: Very bad combination, do not mix these foods if you want to avoid the discomfort, indigestion and weight gain.


-Learn and teach healthy habits power.

weight -Loss: when there is a wrong combination of foods, our body reacts negatively and causes us flatulence, malaise and weight increases, because there is a bad assimilation of nutritious and what we eat is converted into fat and how result in increased peso.Combinando properly foods, fail to get off weight and when it reaches its healthy weight keep it without difficulty, because there are no deprivation of food for a period, but a form of eating healthier than large c'apporta benefits and short-term extension.

-Disintossicazione: By combining properly, the digestive system assimilates food efficiently, taking advantage of the nutrient required for our needs and eliminating harmful toxic substances for our body.

-State of well-being: being fit proportions increased energy, positivity, self-esteem and avoid feelings of depression and anxiety.

Reduce the risk of disease: a healthy diet can reduce cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, in blood sugar and avoid the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Physical activity and a healthy diet will help you feel better inside and out!

It is not late to learn to eat salubremente without depriving us of any food!
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Dieta dissociata - Combinatore di alimenti Mod Apk 1.0

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