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Merge Cruise : Renovate Ship Mod APK v1.0.0 ( Free purchase )
Updated: 2023-09-27
Version: 1.0.0
Categary: Board
Developer: 1gram
Requires Android:
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About Merge Cruise : Renovate Ship :
"Merge Cruise" is a mobile 2 merge puzzle game.
The main character, Lia, challenges herself to restore and remodel an old cruise ship she inherited from her grandmother.
Your goal is to recreate the cruise ship and uncover the hidden secrets of her grandmother.

Lia, in her 20s, inherits an old and worn-out cruise ship from her grandmother.
The cruise ship was operated by her grandmother, and it is currently so damaged that it can't be used.
Lia decides to restore, remodel, and decorate this cruise ship.

The 2 merge puzzle game helps you gather the necessary materials and tools to restore and remodel the cruise ship.
As the game progresses, you must solve larger puzzles, and through this, Lia's cruise ship gradually grows and becomes more splendid.

But this game is not just about restoring a cruise ship.
There is a mysterious secret hidden within the grandmother's legacy. This secret is deeply connected to the past of the cruise ship, the grandmother's story, and Lia's family history.
You slowly discover this secret while solving puzzles and upgrading the cruise ship.
Through this process, you will gain a deeper understanding of the grandmother's hidden secrets, the true value of the cruise ship, and herself.

The goal of ""Merge Cruise"" is to join Lia's adventure in reconstructing the cruise and solving the secrets.
Recreate her cruise ship using your puzzle solution skills, find hidden secrets, and complete her family story with Lia.

Game features:

- Merge and create new items
Merge to make new decorations! Keep merging to create various decorations.

- Discover various things
Prepared are various things always new to explore, such as custom events and limited rewards ongoing for a limited period, seasonal items, and hidden areas. Uncover the hidden secrets in your heart and enlighten the world!

- Hidden items
Find new items hidden behind boxes and cobwebs. Merge them to find more decorations.

- Decorate
Fix and rebuild the cruise by cleaning up ruined engine rooms, broken furniture, dirty rooms, then decorate and expand a magnificent cruise ship.

- Complete each zone
Discover hundreds of addictive items and solve missions!
Some of them may be challenging, but luckily, you can get rewards (boosters, reward boxes) throughout the game. It can help you overcome interesting but tricky tasks!

- Stress relief
In addition to the fun and beautifully designed game, our game is a great way to take a break! Take a momentary break from stressful activities and spend healing time in the world of calm landscaping and zone decoration. It will be satisfying to revive the cruise ship.

Are you ready to meet a splendid cruise ship? Shall we go merge the items now?
Install now and play anytime, anywhere without an internet connection.

We plan to update more merges and the fascinating cruise concept regularly for world travel! Keep an eye on updates and leave a review!
What's New
Hey MergeCruise fam!
Big update news!
Two new areas added!
Introducing the 'Collection Feature'! Get rewards for your collected items.
Have fun playing! Love, MergeCruise Team.
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