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OFS - Mobile DoSer APK

version: 1.3.1

Alexander Martinz Wiesenweg 29400 Wolfsberg, Austria

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  • OFS - Mobile DoSer APK
  • OFS - Mobile DoSer APK
  • OFS - Mobile DoSer APK
  • OFS - Mobile DoSer APK
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This is a Denial of Service Tool for Android !
You just have to enter the IP of the Server OR domain name.
Example:, example.com (without http and trailing / !)
Then configure the Power of the Attack (you have to experiment with the values) and press the Start Button!

OFS - Mobile DoSer uses a hash technology and sends them to the Server, which should struggle handling these requests and collapse.

# For whom is this App?
+ This App is for Server Administrators, who want to test their Server, if they can resist a DoS Attack.
+ This App is for Network Adminstrators, who want to check, if their Network can resist a DoS Attack.
+ This App is for Penetration Testers, who want to test a Server against DoS simply with their Phone.

# For whom is this App NOT?
+ For Scrippt Kiddies, "1337" or Criminals, who have fun with Crashing a Server.


Tested against a Windows 7 Ultimate Machine with 8GB RAM, i5 2nd Generation, 500GB SSD and the CPU Load turned up to 100% after 3 seconds of initiating the DoS Attack.

+ Internet Permission: To Access the Network and initiate the DoS against YOUR Test-Server.

This App is adfree and will always be, also no extra data or anything else will be collected!
It just does, what it should do!


Only for Educational Use, to test your Server, if it can resist a Denial of Service Attack.
It is FORBIDDEN to DoS Servers, which you do not own!
You have to ask the Owner for Permission first!
Im not guilty, if anything happens, you are warned!

This App is optimized for Jelly Bean Devices!
Its strength may be lower on older Devices than ICS (Android 4.0)
It runs on GingerBread Devices as well, but with HUGE performance loss.
My next Target is to fix that and provide the same power as on ICS/JellyBean Devices.

If running against non-local-network targets, the strength varies as well, depending on your network connection!

LOW DENSITY Devices may have graphical glitches.

If you have any Questions/Feedback/Critic or find a Bug, please contact me at:
[email protected]

or visit us directly in our Forum!

Check it out on https://github.com/Evisceration/OFSDoser
Alexander Martinz aka Evisceration @ http://openfire-security.net/

Keywords: DoS, DDoS, Denial of Service, Distributed Denial of Service, Penetration Testing, Pentest.

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